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Book Basset only features Kindle books from We do not link to other Amazon stores (,, etc). We are unable to accept links to series pages or Kindle Vella pages, and will not feature books classified as Erotica or which contain explicit adult content.

Each day, Book Basset features a hand-selected batch of freebies. Would you like your book to be among the few selected?

Simply fill out the form below to reserve your date. We do one or two freebie posts each day, and your book will be included in one of those posts. Each post will appear on and in our daily "Today's Deals From Book Basset" email.

Books must be well rated on, meaning they should have an average rating of at least 3.5 stars with 10+ reviews. With the exception of history, biographies and cookbooks, nonfiction books do not do well with our audience and are not recommended for this feature.

Books will only be promoted on the selected date if they are free. It is the author's responsibility to ensure that their book is free on the day of their promotion. We cannot be held responsible if your book is not free on the date selected. As such, all sales are final.

Due to high demand for these slots, Book Basset will not feature the same book more than one time every two months. This limitation applies across all of our paid features.

Features & Guidelines

  • The cost for this feature is $9.00 for one day.
  • Individual Kindle books or box sets are allowed.
  • We will not accept the same book more than once every 60 days.
  • We do not feature erotica or other books with explicit adult content.
  • We are unable to accept series pages or books that are a part of the Kindle Vella program.
  • Once your submission has been approved, you will receive an invoice from PayPal.
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